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NEW - spring 2023!

Would you like to join the YouTube videos of LegendTrick Gym? Or just come along and try how the challenges you know from videos and camps would be successful with our other students?

In the "Challenges, contests & Youtube" class, we compete playfully together while having fun. Sometimes a YouTube video or other social media material is filmed from the class!

The lesson is taught by our instructor Jesse Hukkanen.


Various challenges suitable for the level of the group's participants
We compete as teams, pairs or individuals
We practice losing and winning
Let's encourage others
Let's have fun and test our own limits!



 For those of you who would like to join LegendTrick Gym's youtube videos
 For people who are excited about tricks and acrobatics, who want to test their own limits
For over 7 years old
 For those of you who like a playful competition


You can join us even in the middle of the season and you only pay for the remaining season.

Register for the class you want in the Avoinna24 service from the link below.
Remember to register even if you just come to test the class.

After that, buy a ticket for a trial session, a 5x series ticket, an annual ticket or a ticket for the entire spring season.

If you start the hobby after the beginning of the spring season (January 23, 2023), send us an e-mail at gym(at), and we will send you an invoice from which the training sessions already missed have been deducted. Also send an email if more than one member of your family is participating, in which case we will bill you for the training fee with a sibling discount.

In case of possible absences, go and cancel your reservation yourself Open 24 hours by appointment from that day. In this case, trainings will not be removed from your card, and with the spring season ticket you can make up for absences during May. Removal must be done no later than 2 hours before the start of the class.

*Length of the spring season: 23.1. - 28 May 2023 (no hours on ski holiday)*

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