Covid-19 LegendTrick Gym

LegendTrick Gym will be temporarily closed from Friday 13th of March 2020 as a preventive measure to control the spread of covid-19 virus.

We will inform you more about the actions and continuation of the cancellation later. Stay safe and remember hand hygiene!

Yours sincerely,
LegendTrick Gym

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Membership With Benefits

For advanced level students there is fun possibilities to get to perform on stage, and start to learn what it means to be a real artist.
Before coming to stage you get FREE classes of acting and behavior on stage. During trainings students learn how to practice interesting acting techniques, engage in scenic movement and learn to comprehend the basics of theatrical art together with their acrobatic movements.

Akrojooga kurssi Tampere
2020 akrojooga tuntimme alkaa 9.1. aivan Tampereen keskustassa. Tule yksin tai parin kanssa! Joka torstai klo 19-20. Aikaisempaa kokemusta ei vaadita


Gathering at LegendTrick Gym!

What we have been really waiting for: Full weekend Tricking Gathering in Tampere. LIFT Gathering 6th-8th of September, don´t miss this:

Exchange After First Visit

After you visit our LEGENDTRICK Gym for the first time you can propose to us something on exchange.