Acrobatic gymnastics – discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music.
There are three types of routines; a ’balance’ routine, a ’dynamic’ routine, and a ’combined’ routine which includes elements from both balance and dynamic.
We will concentrate on balance routine in this training course.

Acrobatic gymnasts perform in pairs or groups. Usually In each partnership, the gymnasts’ different sizes and abilities will be balanced to complement each other in order to carry out the complex moves.
In partner acrobatic there is always base and flyer. Some will mainly carry out supporting roles, and are known as bases. And smaller gymnasts who become the ’tops’/ ’flyers’.
But that’s usual standards for spot. We will find partner with who we will have best progress of tricks or with ready partner we already came to the training.

The different partnerships seen in competition are:
 women’s pair (two females)
 men’s pair (two males)
 mixed pair (a male base and a female top)
 women’s group (three females)
 men’s group (four males)

As well as this in grades 1-2 there can be mixed groups (either 3 or 4 people from both genders).
In a circus pair acrobatic you can find woman base and man as a flyer/top.

Partnerships perform a routine to music, that has usually been choreographed specifically for them. The gymnasts carry out their acrobatic moves and combine them with dance, all in time to and in keeping with the style of the music.

I have almost 20 years experience of acrobatic gymnastics. Basically all my life 🙂
I’m 28 at the moment and still performing this beautiful sport on big stages all around the world (of course not during pandemic time)
My title is a master of sport, and I was von several times championships of Ukraine when I was in this sport.
Hope I can give to you my experience and teach you the best way possible.


What do I get from this class ?
✓   the basics of pair acrobatic
✓   strength, excellent mobility, agility, good      balance and coordination.
✓  good experience working together as a team
✓  find friends and be social
✓  ability to choreograph routine for yourself
✓  ready acrobatic gymnastics dance routine
✓  fit and flexible body after spring season

…of course lots of fun moments to learn all the tricks 🙂

First 2 month we will have training to build strength and body coordination. Will learn techniques for partner acrobatic, easy acro-pyramids/ figures. Also individual tumbling tricks.

Class contain from 4.01 – 28.02:
⁃ group warm-up
⁃ Stretching and Handstand
⁃ Individual improvements
⁃ Training together with partners
⁃ Tumbling  ⁃ Workout

Other 2,5 month we will work towards elements from balance in pair, and Increase our tumbling. You already will know what kind of partner will be best for you. We will start building partnerships performances (a short routine to music) It will be choreographed specifically for each pair. 

Class contain 1.03 – 16.05: 
⁃ group warm-up + dynamic workout 
⁃ Stretching and handstand 
⁃ Individual improvements for partner acrobatic tricks 
⁃ Tumbling 
⁃ Learning to create and do choreography routine


Absolute beginners or people with a background welcome to the class. Absolute beginners or people with a background welcome to the class. Open level for everyone who’s 7-45 years old People who can speak or understand English language. Participants in the group not necessarily need to have previous experience in the sport or other forms of gymnastics. 

Why this class ? 
⁃ Parents and children’s who wants to spend fun weekend together
⁃ Couples who would like to learn acrobatic positions and achieve a new sport together  ⁃ Dancers who wants to learn beautiful lifts for their competition or show
⁃ Bride and groom who wants to surprise their quests with spectacular acrobatic tricks or show act


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