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A great opportunity to offer your child an ip club + a hobby at an affordable price in one package! The club is organized by LegendTrick Gym.

We want to offer the opportunity for an inspiring and exercise club for the 1st and 2nd graders of Tammale and Juhannuskylä schools. We hope to get enough large groups together to organize the club. Our club offers your child a fun hobby under the guidance of our professional instructors, as well as afternoon care on weekdays between 12:00 and 17:00.




Communication skills


An active lifestyle


Welcome to LegendTrick Gym's Trick Afternoon Club! 

Are you looking for a fun and physical activity for your child? LegendTrick Gym's afternoon activity offers your child both an inspiring hobby and afternoon care on weekdays between 12:00 and 17:00. The acrobatics and exercise-focused afternoon club offers children the opportunity to learn tricks, acrobatics and circus skills in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. 

In our afternoon club, children can develop their motor skills, learn new tricks and challenge themselves in our safe environment under the guidance of professional instructors. Our club's exercise moments include versatile exercise and playful exercises that inspire children to test their own limits and express themselves creatively.  

In the afternoon activities, we hang out, do homework, play and do crafts, eat a healthy snack, and of course knit and exercise in a variety of ways! Club members have at their disposal exciting gymnastics facilities with trampolines, vaulting machines and other equipment. We also organize various themed days, parties and excursions, as well as workshops for visiting instructors. 

Our afternoon club is aimed at all children in the 1st-2nd grades of Tammela and Juhannuskylä schools, regardless of previous sports background. The most important thing is curiosity and the desire to learn new things. The club offers your child the opportunity to develop physical fitness, creativity, self-confidence and teamwork skills. 

The instructor of the club is a circus teacher with pedagogic training, and the highly skilled trick instructors of LegendTrick Gym act as guest instructors. 

The club offers a healthy snack every day. We offer generous portion sizes for hungry children. Allergies are taken into account.


– An exciting hobby of tricking & an active lifestyle
- Development of self-confidence and belief in one's own skills
– Internationality, encouraging others and community spirit


Monday: Knitting and tricks course and crafts
Tuesday: Games and games as well as trick training
Wednesday: Physical games and acrobatics
Thursday: aerial acrobatics and circus
Friday: wish workouts and movie day

Club members have access to two training rooms and a snack room. During the club day, the group is divided into small groups to practice, play and hustle in groups of approx. 10 to 15 people.

Attention Juhannuskylä and Tammela school students! The premises of the knitting school are located in the PMK building (Peltokatu 8B, in the same building as Fressi Syke). Entrance from the Peltokatu side from the B staircase, follow the black LegendTrick arrows to the 2nd floor by elevator or stairs.

At the end of the day, we go outside in Emil Aaltonen park (opposite Tammelantor), where we start moving every day at 15:45. The counselors always pick up the children from Juhannuskylä and Tammela schoolyards, according to the school schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact our office: legend.ipkerho@gmail.com ,
tel. PMK-talo / city center: 040 378 2157
tel. Vehmainen school: 040 872 0356

2023 – 2024 we will have two offices.
2024 – 2025 only the location of LegendTrick Gym will continue, if there are enough willing participants in the club:

1st location at LegendTrick Gym's trick studio Peltokatu 8B
(Tammela school/Juhannuskylä school) (directed by Edvin, Polys, Bunmi, Aatu)

2nd location at Vehmainen school (directed by Terhi, Anniina, Sampo and Jesse)

CLUB PRICES 2024 – 2025

Amount of treatment: 1-3 hours per weekday = €190/month
Amount of treatment: 3 – 4 hours per weekday = €220/month
Amount of treatment: 4 – 5 hours per weekday = €240/month

Prices for the second sibling: €180, €199 and €210 per month


The need for service can be reduced twice during the operating year. The changes for the autumn season must be made until the end of August by and changes in the spring season until the end of January by.

The need for service can be increased at any time during the operating year. The changes will take effect from the beginning of the following month at the earliest. The guardian agrees on the changes with the service provider, i.e. LegendTrick Gym.


 We take the seasons and holidays into account in our operations.  

  • At the end of the summer, we go outside a lot and take trips to nearby nature. We also try circus, parkour and tricks in outdoor places, paying special attention to safety. 
  • In autumn, we hold joint crafting moments with a fall theme, we collect leaves and make leaf crafts. We organize Halloween carnivals full of great fun and exciting activities for children. 
  • In winter, we make Christmas crafts and play winter games outdoors such as sledging and building snowmen. We organize mini-Christmas parties, where the program includes e.g. Santa's visit, as well as Christmas games and games. 
  • In the spring, we do Easter crafts and play outdoor games. We also organize a great fun May Day disco, where the program number is e.g. fancy dress contest. 

 We also organize different theme days. Theme days are organized about once a month. 

  • On fairy tale day, children can dress up as their favorite fairy tale character. We read fairy tales together, and we draw and make crafts related to them. We also played fairy tale-themed exercise games. 
  • On Adventure Day, children can participate in various adventurous games and activities, such as a treasure hunt or a space adventure. 
  • On the sports day, the club organizes various sports such as football, basketball or sähli, or the club Olympics. 
  • On Nature Day, children can get to know the nearby nature by hiking and collecting various natural materials, such as pine cones or leaves. In addition, nature-related crafts and games are organized. 
  • On Art Day, the club organizes various art workshops such as painting, crafts and theatrical expression. Children get to express themselves creatively with the help of different materials and exercises. 


In the exercise moments, we learn under the guidance of circus and trick instructors, e.g. the following skills: 

  • Basic acrobatics; somersaults, cartwheels and handstands. 
  • Basic knitting kicks and combos. 
  • Physical games and games 
  • Basic circus techniques, such as balancing, the basics of juggling, pair acrobatics and aerial acrobatics 
  • Mobility training, stretching and yoga 
  • parkour 



PMK building / city center: 040 378 2157
Vehmainen school: 040 872 0356

You are warmly welcome to join us!



Would you also like to join us in tricking for our weekly classes?

By combining our classes, you will break your limits in every sport by developing strength, speed, flexibility and balance.

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