Assistant director
Date of birth: August 18, 1990
Started tricking: September 2011
ACROWORK instructor since 2015

I started doing stunts, acrobatics and bodyweight training as an adult at the age of 21. Controlling the body with acrobatic movements has been my dream since a young age, but due to lack of guidance and self-confidence, I continued to play baseball until I was 20 years old. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner, but after the first few years of training, my acrobatics hobby has been at the "unable to stop" level.


I consider myself one of the "perseverants" whose time spent training results in less progress than would be statistically expected. This is also why I consider myself a good teacher to really understand all other perseverants. With my physically and mentally challenging past, seasoned with plenty of injuries, I want to bring honesty and humility to a training filled with ego and false expectations. My philosophy is to face reality with extreme ownership.


It's important for me to stand out in my skill set and practice the movements that fascinate me the most - Trikkaus gives me the freedom to do that. By nature, I am very analytical and have tendencies towards perfectionism, which takes a certain toll on the more challenging movements, but pays off in the purity of the movements. At LegendTrick Gym, I will do my best to share my aforementioned experience with the trick community and newcomers.


Develop yourself holistically

By combining our online courses, you will break your limits in any sport by developing strength, speed, flexibility and balance.


10+ Years of Experience

Our instructors, awarded in international competitions and trained in sports, have taught in more than 20 countries around the world.


Learn from the Pros

LegendTrick Online's instructors are internationally known top players in their field.

From the Customers' Mouths

"The best training place ever!
The teachers are really nice, nice and professional. Really good value for money. And the gym also has versatile equipment and good facilities.
It's nice when you can take those classes when you want, and you can try other classes even if you haven't been before. (And you can still join in really well.) And there are a variety of different classes.
Definitely the best place I've been to train. I recommend! If you're even a little bit interested, it's definitely worth at least giving it a try!"

Siiri Jäkkö

Aerial acrobat

"LegendTrick Gym is the only place of its kind in Finland. Tricking is a sport about which unfortunately little is still known and it is often confused with many other sports. It's very cool that we have a gym in Tampere that mainly focuses on tricks.
The instructors are professionals and responsible. Developing in the sport is easy here and you get the best possible teaching!
However, in addition to tricks, the gym also offers different courses related to acrobatics, such as handstand lessons, which enable you to always get more out of your own body.
The feeling in the gym is always good and positive, even if you're just there to watch!"

Matti Aho

Chairman of Trikkaus ry

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