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Kettlebell is a functional training class that strengthens muscle condition, balance, coordination and body control. In class, you train several muscle groups at once instead of one muscle!

The class consists of a warm-up, technique exercises and movement blocks and a short stretch. The class is efficient, but it doesn't involve steps or choreography.

The exercises are done with kettlebells, from which everyone can choose the one that suits them according to their own fitness and goals.

Kettlebell training is suitable for both men and women, regardless of fitness level.


Versatile circuit training for the whole body.

Circuit training develops endurance and muscle condition while toning your body.

In addition to bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and weights are used as aids. Also suitable for men.


Strength training refers to planned training that progresses from training that develops muscle strength and muscle endurance towards maximum and speed strength training in accordance with the requirements of the sport. Properly planned and implemented strength and muscle fitness training serves as a means of practicing body awareness, muscle coordination and active mobility.

In barbell training, the results improve with the development of strength and lifting technique. Correct lifting techniques are emphasized when lifting large loads or doing speed strength performances that require maximum power.


Always register for the class you want in the Avoinna24 service from the link below.

After that, you can buy a one-time or 10x ticket online in advance. If you want, you can also buy a ticket at the gym reception when you come to practice. 

Spring season schedule valid: 8.1. – 19 May 2024

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