The home of Finnish tricking

Trikkaus Ry is an association established for the Finnish trick scene, the purpose of which is to promote opportunities for hobby tricks in Finland.


A supportive community

Tricking is a growing sport whose community is unusually warm and welcoming. The positive support of the community pushes the sport's enthusiasts to better performances and makes anyone feel welcome.


The freedom of the sport is attractive

In tricking, the hobbyist has the freedom to develop exactly the areas he wants. At its core, the sport specifically aims to find and develop its own style. There is no one right way to trick, and it is precisely the freedom of the sport that fascinates enthusiasts to continue and develop in tricking!


A trendy sport

Tricking is modern, neat and stylish. It can be done anywhere, without any extra equipment. Trikkaus combines elements from many sports, such as gymnastics, taekwondo, capoeira and breakdance. Today, trickery can be seen in popular music videos, Hollywood stunts and as an influence in more traditional sports, which trickery has helped to develop further!

Trikkaus Ry membership

Annual membership price: €25


As a member:

  • 1 free free shift at LegendTrick Gym (value €10) OR the first trick event of summer 2021 for free (value €15)

Trikkaus ry is working towards an official license. The license will include insurance that covers all accidents caused by stunts during training and/or competitions. At the moment, we need more members so that the insurance company grants the trick its own license.

Become a member to support the development of tricking in Finland.

Together towards a trick revolution


Have a question? Do you want to know more about the trick or join the activity?

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