Terms of use and disclaimer form

I participate in a free training session and/or courses at the LegendTrick Gym of my own free will and at my own risk, being aware of the related risks of injury.

Everyone (including adults) must fill out a liability release form and return it to LegendTrick Gym. Those under 18 must have a guardian's signature and contact information.

By signing this form, I certify that I have no physical or psychological injuries or limitations (e.g. neck, back or musculoskeletal injuries) or illnesses (e.g. heart disease) that could pose a risk while moving at LegendTrick Gym. If necessary, please always talk to the staff first before coming to the knitting salon.

I undertake to follow all LegendTrick Gym safety instructions, rules and advice, prompts and orders given by the staff.

With my signature, I release VellusTa Oy / LegendTrick Gym and the company's employees from all responsibility in the event of any damage, unless this is due to the company's gross negligence or serious recklessness.

In connection with what I stated above, I assure that I will not file a criminal or civil claim against the organizer or its representatives. This also applies to my beneficiaries and right holders. LegendTrick Gym / VellusTa Oy is not responsible for any damage or injuries that may have occurred to me.

I have carefully read this document. I understand the content and meaning of the document and accept the rules of use.

I sign the terms of use

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