1-6 years

Toddler circus 1-2 years / late spring 24.3. – 19 May 2024

Welcome to the toddler circus class, where the adventure into the world of circus art begins! In this exciting class, you will get to know a wide variety of different circus skills and create memorable moments together with your child.

During the class, you will boldly step into the world of acrobatics, trampoline, juggling and balancing. Children get to test their own limits and develop their motor skills in a playful environment. The lessons enrich their creativity and expressiveness.

Our main goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where parents and toddlers can strengthen their mutual interaction.

Toddler circus classes are not only limited to circus moments in the gym, but also offer valuable ideas and inspiration for frolicking at home with your child. With this class, you can find new ways to play and practice circus skills together at home.

Family circus 3-6 years / late spring CANCELED

Family circus classes We encourage children and adults to participate together in various circus activities and games.

Children get to test their own limits and develop body control in a playful atmosphere. Our instructor guides and encourages children to learn new skills safely.

At family circus classes, adults can also get excited about different types of circus art and try out their own skills. Floor and aerial acrobatics and pair acrobatics offer fun challenges and opportunities to move together with the child. This strengthens family cohesion and creates happy memories of a shared hobby.

Through play and training, we practice following instructions, communication, listening and supporting others. The development of these skills is important for both circus art and everyday life.

This class offers laughter, the joy of exercise and shared moments that strengthen family bonds and create joy and enthusiasm in circus arts and acrobatics.


Spring 2024 schedule:

Toddler circus:
SUN: 10:00 – 10:45 / Karyna

Family circus:
SUN: 11:00 – 11:45 / Karyna

While the second class is in progress, the participants are allowed to train and exercise on their own in another hall. The ticket includes the right to be in the gym for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

NOTE! Guidance partly in Finnish and partly in English.


Register for the entire spring season by first booking a place in the Avoinna24 service for the group of your choice for the first week of the spring season, January 15 - 21, 2024. After booking a place, buy a ticket for the spring season and we will make a continuous reservation for that class for the entire spring season.

Remember to reserve a seat even if you come to test with a one-time ticket. (Do not buy a ticket from the online store at full price)

Length of courses: 8 credits
1. Course: 15.1. – 17.3.2024 (no class during ski holiday week)
2. Course: 18.3. – 19 May 2024 (no hours on Easter 31 April) 

Price €129 / course

Sibling flight – 10% from another sibling. You can get the sister sale just by sending an email or whatsapp message 044 9725 238 , in which case we will send you a reduced invoice by e-mail.

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