Basic acrobatics, tricks and floor acrobatics are practiced in Acrowork classes. 

The skill section includes gymnastic and acrobatic movements, which include e.g. head jumps, neck jumps, handstand somersaults, various dance rolls on the floor and the basics of tricks. The skills section therefore focuses on dynamic movement through sports such as tricks, wushu, breakdancing, balance gymnastics, karate and capoeira. The main goal of the skill section is to combine the movements of these sports into spectacular movement sequences, or combos.

Mobility and strength section covers movements that challenge the range of motion of the whole body, such as bridges, splits and squats, as well as their versatile variations. A strong and stretchable body is the basis for performing all acrobatics and movements safely. In addition to body stretch, the mobility exercises test the control of the entire range of motion. Mobility is improved e.g. With isometric stretches, also known from MET and PNF techniques, in various positions that require balance. 


- The keys to the success of optimal and effective training
– Movement progressions
– Going to and leaving stores
– The right performance techniques
– Movement variations
– Combining movements into sets of movements
– The actual movements are supported by basic fitness and additional exercises
– Personal development targets and how to continue training


From beginners to more experienced enthusiasts who want to expand their movement repertoire.

You don't need to have a previous sports background to learn. The most important thing is the desire to learn and interest in the sport. With well-motivated, regular and proper work, many movements that seem impossible can be achieved.



Spring 2024:

TUESDAY: 19:40 – 20:40 Open Level / Henrik
SA: 13:10 – 14:10 Open Level / Peetu



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* Trial week: 8 – 14 January 2024
* Length of spring season: 15.1. – 19 May 2024

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