Sirkus 0-6V

Circus 0-6Y

CIRCUS0-6y Baby circus 4-12 months / CANCELED Welcome to the baby circus class, which is designed especially for babies aged 4-12 months! This playful class offers you a unique opportunity to get to know joint activities with your baby....
Opi Flikki ja Bäkki

Learn Flikki and Bäkki

Learn Flikki & Bäkki course A fast and safe way to learn bäkki. READ MORE "You miss 100% of situations you don't take!" LEARN FLIKKI & BÄKKI The course focuses on the back vault and back half vault and the exercises that prepare for them...
Trikkaus 11-16v

Knitting 11-16 years

KNITTING 11-16yrs LESSON DESCRIPTION NEW - spring 2023! Are you at least 11 years old and would you like to start doing tricks with your friends? Come to our new knitting class for 11-16 year olds in the spring season of 2023. No previous experience is necessary. Hours...
Tyttöjen trikkaus

Girls trick

GIRLS' KNITTING LESSON DESCRIPTION NEW - spring 2023! Many of our groups are typically dominated by boys, but now you can train only with girls if you wish. Girls of all skill levels, from beginners to...
Legend Gym

Legend Gym

LEGEND GYM CLASS DESCRIPTION NEW - spring 2023 Legend Gym is our new training concept, whose training combines tricks, parkour, gymnastics and trampling. The workouts are versatile, full of good feelings and the joy of exercise, while learning the basics...
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