Sirkus 0-6V

Circus 0-6Y

CIRCUS0-6y Baby circus 4-12 months / CANCELED Welcome to the baby circus class, which is designed especially for babies aged 4-12 months! This playful class offers you a unique opportunity to get to know joint activities with your baby....
Trikkaus & Akro

Knitting & Acro

TRIKKAUS & ACRO - adults LESSON DESCRIPTION - Level 1 "Acrobatics in a modern way" Aimed at you who are interested in learning acrobatics, but don't want to limit yourself. We will teach you a trick (combination of gymnastics, taekwondo and...
Opi Flikki ja Bäkki

Learn Flikki and Bäkki

Learn Flikki & Bäkki course A fast and safe way to learn bäkki. READ MORE "You miss 100% of situations you don't take!" LEARN FLIKKI & BÄKKI The course focuses on the back vault and back half vault and the exercises that prepare for them...
Spagaatit & Venyttely

Splits & Stretching

SPLITS & STRETCHING LESSON DESCRIPTION Taking care of mobility and muscle elasticity is an essential part of the well-being of the body of an active exerciser as well as an office worker. Often, however, body care is left too little attention, causing you to suffer...
Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks

Aerial SILKS HOUR DESCRIPTION Aerial acrobatics is a subspecies of acrobatics originating from the circus, whose enthusiasts perform spectacular tricks while hanging from various aerial acrobatics equipment. Our aerial acro lesson is "aerial silks". Enthusiasts are taught...
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