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Coming to the gym for the first time?

Remember to fill out the liability release form in advance online from the link below.

Annual card

If you want to train more than 2 hours a week, we recommend you a 12-month or 24-month card. With monthly cards, you can exercise unlimitedly.

NOTE! If you are buying a 5x, spring/September/summer or annual pass and you don't have a pass for LegendTrick Gym, add the pass to your order.

Every time before arriving at the gym

You must reserve a place for a class or free practice through the avonna24 service.

Where can I find a parking space? Do we train with bare feet? Is there a shower?

Yes, we have a shower and we train with bare feet or socks. There are almost always full, free parking lots on Peltokatu after 4:00 p.m. There is space in the paid parking lot behind the building. More parking tips from the link below.

For more information on other frequently asked questions, see a list of them at the link below.

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