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Length of autumn season: 21.8. – 23 December 2023 (no classes during autumn holiday week)

Trial week 14. – 20.8. / Single tickets for courses at half price
(€10 per guided lesson)



guided hour per week





LegendTrick Gym's teaching principles are based on encouraging others and a positive atmosphere. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where every enthusiast can develop their skills at their own pace, in a motivating environment and company.

LegendTrick Gym's new, modern approach to training guarantees the self-esteem and skill development of enthusiasts without the pressure of competition. We help our enthusiasts to strengthen their self-confidence and willpower, to break their limits and achieve achievements that they would not have believed in themselves.

We offer guided lessons for children, young people and adults, workshops from domestic and foreign guests, use of training space and rental for the following sports: tricks, acrobatics, handstand, parkour & freerun, gymnastics, trampoline, stretching and flexibility, bodyweight training and aerial silks aerial acrobatics.

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NEW 2023

The highly talented Terhi Tavi starts coaching at LegendTrick Gym, and the aerial silks offer expands a lot
in autumn 2023! Now available groups for children and adults according to skill level.

LEGEND GYM = A combination of gymnastics, parkour, tricks and trampoline gymnastics
✔ Learn Flikki & Bäkki – adults and 7-15 years = Our popular class is divided into adult and children & youth groups
✔ Parkour / Freerun = Come and practice creative movement, jump over obstacles and vault from podiums
✔ Knitting & Acro – adults = A combination lesson of adult gymnastics and the basics of tricks. Modern acrobatics
✔ Knitting 11-16 years = Would you like to start knitting, but can't find enthusiasts like you? This is for you!
✔ Trick for girls = Our groups are usually dominated by boys. Finally, girls can come and train only with girls!
✔ Circus lessons = Brand new baby, toddler and family circuses for autumn 2023. In the circus, we play, practice acrobatics, juggle, do circus shows together and have fun!

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Feelings from classes


The best training place ever!❣
The teachers are really nice, nice and professional. Really good value for money. And the gym also has versatile equipment and good facilities.
It's nice when you can take those classes when you want, and you can try other classes even if you haven't been before. (And you can still join in really well.) And there are a variety of different classes.
Definitely the best place I've been to train.😍💖 I recommend! If you're even a little bit interested, it's definitely worth at least giving it a try!

Siiri Jäkkö


Legend Trick Gym Tampere is a great place to practice! The gym has a diverse range of classes from acrobatics to tricks and handstands to parkour. The instructors are real experts in their respective fields, and what's best, the spirit of the place is relaxed, fair and encouraging. At the gym, you can exercise and develop without having to compete. Legend Trick shakes up day camps during the school holidays, of which we now have experience in three. The next week-long summer camp is already eagerly awaited. The celebrants of the 8-year-old birthday held at Legend stated that it was the best birthday ever 😊 Thumbs up to Legend!

Susanna Rikkonen

Mother of a girl trickster

Jonas 8y

Joonas takes 3-4 level and 4-6 level classes and almost all possible vapers and also guided vapers if he is in the countryside. The classes have been around 10 hours/week at best (on 5 days if there have been training sessions available).

Joonas got excited about tricking after seeing videos from Legend Trick's you tube channel and it's nice because he has received good instruction and received challenges that inspire him to learn new things. And at the same time, you can see for yourself how good you are at what you train.

The best thing about Legend is the supportive team and the competition.

Joonas Vatajaniemi

Knitting - Level 5

What kind of trainer am I?


Realistic goals, rejoicing in successes and long-term training produce the best results!

In addition to guided lessons, we recommend our enthusiasts to practice on their own with free practice sessions at least once a week.

1 hour per week / fall season 2023

By practicing once a week, you will learn the basics of tricks / acrobatics and have fun moving. Your pace of development is slow, but you will certainly have fun and your everyday life will be more cheerful!

2 hours per week / fall season 2023

By exercising twice a week, your muscle memory develops faster, you become stronger and more flexible, and you notice a clear development from season to season.

3h - 4h per week / fall season 2023

If, in addition to the joy of exercise, your goal is to progress towards your goals and quickly learn new skills, we recommend practicing at least 3 times a week.






Realistic goals, rejoicing in successes and long-term training produce the best results!

In addition to guided lessons, we recommend our enthusiasts to practice on their own with free practice sessions at least once a week.


First book a place for the classes you want during the season for the first week of 21 – 27 August 2023 from here
(Guardians, register the child's name as the first name)

If you book the whole season after this, please contact us on WhatsApp or send an email gym@legendtrick.com.
Remember to reserve a seat even if you come to test with a one-time ticket.


Buy a season ticket for 1h, 2h, 3h or 4h a week.

1. If you want to pay the season fee in installments, buy the 1st installment of a season ticket.

2. If you want to pay the season fee in full at once, buy a season ticket in one installment.

NOTE! Discounted single ticket valid only for the week of 14 - 20 August 2023.

NOTE! Also on 21.8. – 23.12. Enthusiasts who buy a season ticket are warmly welcome to train during the trial week from 14 to 20 August. and thus make their season one week longer. In this case, remember to buy a suitable number of single tickets for yourself in addition to your season ticket from the link in section 3.


1. If you are coming to LegendTrick Gym for the first time, sign the rules of use & the disclaimer form before training.

2. Add the "pass (€5)" to your shopping cart, where the season's workouts are loaded. You don't need to buy a ticket if you come to test with a one-time ticket.


If you want, you can get a 5x or 10x free training card at the same time, which is charged directly to your access card. Free practice series cards are valid for 12 months.


We organize unique experiences and trips for our most active students to compete in knitting events abroad & in Finland, and we give the opportunity to compete in the Finnish "Battle League", whose prize is an annual prize of more than €1000.

In March 2022, 14 of our hall's students and instructors traveled to Norway to meet the world's best tricksters. Our student Miro Koljonen won the Nordic championship in the under-16 category at the event. Watch the video series about the trip on LTG's YouTube channel.

Vellu Saarela, an internationally respected pioneer of the sport, founder of our gym and two-time European champion, is responsible for coaching the legends' group.

Goal-oriented trainers train at least 3 times a week in the "Trikkaus - level 4-6" group.

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