Come increase your body's overall power output & mobility for this hour! In class, we practice the most effective ways to increase your body strength & movement levels using your own body weight, free weights, pair exercises and a variety of movement games / challenges. The lesson goes through the basics of strength & mobility training and what exactly you need to do to develop. You will learn proper learning techniques and progressions to movements that will ensure safe and ascending training well into the future. Every class is done with an effective basic workout and many times we also challenge the body & mind with fun movement games and challenges. The lesson is open to all levels and the exercises are tailored to suit your needs and level.

The Strength & Mobility class is best suited for adults and it is recommended that you are over 15 years old before you come to class.


- You increase your body's power output & mobility
- You improve the performance of your body
- You keep your body healthy and prevent injuries
-You increase muscle mass
-You practice hard class body weight movements like hand standing weightlifting, one hand chin pulling, planche, etc.
-You will get to know your own body and its function better, as well as ways to improve your ability to function
- You increase your self-confidence


-Especially for gymnasts/acrobatics over 15 years old
-For 18-50 year olds
-For you who want to grow muscles and tighten your body while learning the basic movements of weight training.

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