Date of birth: 28.11.2001
Started tricking: Fall 2019

I love tricking! I’ve been doing it actively for nearly a year. 

Flip and twist tricks are natural for me because I’ve made them really a lot of jumping on the trampoline, but also fired fascinate me very much.


I started my flipping career on a trampoline in 2013. I practiced it at a very high level for about 7 years. I switched to tricking from the trampoline because the quad and quint flips I had to do on the trampoline started to frighten me. On the trampoline people don’t really appreciate how the tricks are done, only the difficulty matters. I love tricking because it’s completely the opposite in tricking. It doesn’t matter how simple the trick is, you can make it look amazing and be credited for it.


My goal as a teacher is to get the student excited in tricking and make their progress accelerate as a result. My other goals are also to enhance the students physical condition and their flexibility, which are both crucial to develop them to the best tricker they can be!

My Classes

Tricking Novice

Have you always wanted to be supple like a ninja and agile like a cat? Come to the beginner course at LegendTrick and you are one step closer to your goal! The beginner’s course is suitable for beginners of all ages who want to learn cool tricks and develop their body’s trajectories. You start all over again and learn stronger on your journey.

Tricking Novice Plus

Tricking -Novice Plus classes will prepare you to move on to the “Tricking – Medium” class. In particular, we focus on reinforcing and refining the tricks you learned in the elementary course, as well as developing explosiveness, strength, and agility while taking you forward to the next level along your trekking trail.

Tricking 7-10Y

A course for all 7-10 year olds who want to start tricking. You do not need to have any previous experience when joining this class. We start from the very basics, and you’ll learn the basics of tricking on your journey to be stronger and more flexible.


Improve yourself as a whole

By combining our classes you can break your limits in any sport by increasing your power, speed, flexibility and balance.


15+ Years of Experience

Our internationally rewarded and physically educated instructors have taught in more than 20 countries all around the world.


Learn From Professionals

LegendTrick Gym´s instructors are internationally renowned leaders in their field.


LegendTrick Gym is the best training place ever! ❣

Teachers are really nice, nice and professional. Price-quality ratio is extremely good. And the gym also has versatile equipment and good facilities.

It’s nice to be able to visit any class when you want, and you can try other lessons even if you haven’t been there before. (And still get really involved.) And there are many different classes

Definitely the best place where I have been training.😍💖 Fully recommended!! If you are even slightly interested, you should definitely at least try their services!

Siiri Jäkkö


Awesome place and atmosphere, world class equipment and one of the best floors I ever was on, great team, honest, inspiring and hardworking, amazing place to get introduced into different aspects of movement and physical practice, various classes and opportunities for young and adults. definitely recommend a visit. salute to vellu and LegendTrick gym team.

Slobos reality

Professional Stuntman from Cape Town

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