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”A detective finds and the questioner does not get lost!”

”A detective finds and the questioner does not get lost!”

Parking Spots

There are twenty free parking spaces after 4 pm on Peltokatu and at the end of it on Ainonkatu. More free places within a 5-minute walk on Välimaankatu, Tunturikatu and Kaivokatu.

24-hour paid spaces are always available in the parking area of the PMK building (Erkkilänkatu 11) courtyard.

Coming to the gym for the first time, what to do?

1. Fill in the disclaimer form in advance online here: form/
If for some reason you cannot fill in the form online, you can also sign it when you arrive at the hall.

After your first hour, you can decide which ticket you want to buy. If you or your children enjoyed the class and want to come again, we recommend a 5x, monthly ticket or a card for the entire season. If you are not yet sure about the future, pay a one-time ticket for the first time. Our instructors at the reception of the hall know how to tell you more about the options that are right for you.

See even more detailed instructions for the first-timer here.

Can I come to the gym, visit the class and then decide which ticket to buy?

Yes you can. Our instructor will advise you at our reception on choosing the right ticket for you.

What do you do as a means of payment?

Cash, debit and credit cards and the following sports vouchers: Smartum, Eazybreak, Edenred, ePassi. We can also email you an invoice for your workouts.

My child would like to work out for only one or two hours a week, which is the most suitable ticket for us?

We recommend you Spring/Autumn Season / 1h per week or Spring/Autumn Season / 2h per week tickets (autumn season ticket) After purchasing a ticket once, the trainings for the whole season are conveniently paid and you no longer have to worry about them for many months.

When can I start training?

IMMEDIATELY! Our classes run all year round, meaning you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the fall or spring season to start the hobby.

See our schedule here and come try it today. Pre-registration is not required, but to save time at the hall reception, you can visit by filling out our disclaimer form in advance here:

LegendTrick ticketshop

How to register?

If you wish, you can register and buy your tickets in advance in our online store.

You can also register when you arrive at the gym for the first time. Upon registration, we ask enthusiasts for their name, date of birth, home address, guardian’s (or over 18’s) phone number, and the guardian’s (or over 18’s) email and signature on the disclaimer form.

What is tricking?

Tricking is a spectacular sport that consists of the most spectacular stunts of various martial arts, acrobatic gymnastics and other similar sports, which the tricker strives to make as smooth and spectacular as possible by using different kicks, volts and spirals.
“Quote from Wikipedia”

The video says more than a thousand words. Here’s what tricking is:

At what age can you train at LegendTrick Gym?

Our students must be at least 7 years old to participate in our children’s lessons. With some 6-year-olds, we make exceptions if they already know how to listen to instructions and practice with the group.

Children’s trick clubs once a week can be attended by 3-4 year olds with a parent and 5-6 year olds alone or with a parent.

There is no upper age limit for adults. Currently, our oldest students are around fifty.

How do I know what level of class I am coming to?

“Basics” classes are for anyone new to trick-and-treating and acrobatics, or with little experience in the sport. For “Continued”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” lessons, check the descriptions of the lessons and you can see the tricks they train with the description of each hour on the sub-page of the weekly hours.

Based on the enthusiast’s motivation, technique, coordination, and maturity, our instructors can recommend you the appropriate skill level after your first workout. Students are expected to remain at one skill level for about 1-2 years before moving on to the next level. At this time, however, one has a great deal of influence on one’s own motivation and initiative.

I would like to book a weekly trick class for our exercise club or an individual Workshop for my group, how do I work?

I would like to book a weekly trick class for our exercise club or an individual workshop for my group. How do I work?

Trickery and acrobatics work especially well as an ancillary exercise for any sport, developing explosiveness, mobility, coordination, flexibility and balance. We regularly conduct exercise classes for schools in the center of Tampere and weekly trick classes for exercise clubs.

You can book a single workshop or a multi-hour package by contacting us at gym (at) or on whatsapp on +358 44 972 5238.

Do you get a student discount? What about members of the same family?

Yes! We offer a -10% student discount (higher student card) and a -10% family discount on a cheaper card for family members of the same family. Possibility of only one discount per enthusiast.

Use discount code student10 or family10 in cart.

How about private classes?

Yes, all our teachers also provide private tuition. Price list for private tuition:

1h / 60 €
4h package / 200 €

For more information on private lessons, call +358 44 972 5238 or email

Can I attend classes occasionally, eg once a month or less?

Yes you can, but regular training is the best way to benefit from your workouts.

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