Syntymäpäivä: 03.06.1993

Date of birth: 03.06.1993
My background: many on/off hobbies in young age such as motocross, downhill skiing, trampoline, gym and football. Starting the tricking in 2010 after finding YouTube videos of the trick. I started practicing tricking actively and taught myself the basic tricks of tricking with the help of YouTube videos while creating a small tricking community in my hometown of Jämsä. In 2013 I moved to Tampere which at that time was (and still is) the center of Finnish tricking.

Here were better training opportunities and for the next few years I will practice tricking even more actively trying to reach my own highs as a tricker. In 2016 I graduated as a Personal trainer, after which I have also spent a lot of time expanding my own know – how and experience studying and actively practicing strength & mobility, body weight training, gymnastics, handstand and movement training. I have also performed as a tricker, acrobat and fire artist during these years at numerous gigs in four different countries. These days I spend a lot of time in my own practice trying to find my own boundaries and find the best ways to develop myself as well as my students.


I started coaching tricking weekly in 2011 in my hometown of Jämsä. Since I have taught tricking more than anyone in Finland (except Vellu perhaps?). More than 1000 hours of instruction for all ages, from young children to over 70 years of age, for a wide variety of body types, which has taught a lot how to teach tricking & acrobatics effectively to all different types of people taking into account age, sports background, body type, personality etc. Since 2016, I have also worked as a personal trainer, helping people by creating individual training programs for them to get closer to their own individual goals of strength, mobility, weight, muscle mass and/or skill. Since 2019, I have also actively taught handstand to hundreds of people.


My teaching style and methods I use have been heavily influenced by the industry’s major influencers such as Bruce Lee, Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin and Coach Sommer.

My goal as a coach is to help you get closer and ultimately achieve your own goals by sharing my own know-how with you and providing technical and mental support along the way. Teaching and sharing with you my own idea of versatile mobility allows us to create an interesting, useful and sustainable way to practice mobility for you.

My Classes

Power & Stretching

Come increase your body’s overall power output & mobility for this hour! In class, we practice the most effective ways to increase your body strength & movement levels using your own body weight, free weights, pair exercises and a variety of movement games / challenges.

Handstand – Novice

Come along to learn the secrets of hanstanding! In this classclass, we practice the most effective ways to learn to handstand, regardless of our own starting level. We’ll walk you through how to safely start practicing handstanding, the most effective exercises that will teach your body how to balance on your hands and what all you need to practice that you will eventually be able to balance on your hands yourself.

Handstand – Novice Plus

Standing on your hands makes your upper body really strong, improving your balance, blood circulation and breathing. The goal is to make you feel comfortable standing upside down with your hands so you can move on to more challenging tricks and start training on your own at home. To minimize the risk of injury, we do exercises that strengthen your joints.


Improve yourself as a whole

By combining our classes you can break your limits in any sport by increasing your power, speed, flexibility and balance.


15+ Years of Experience

Our internationally rewarded and physically educated instructors have taught in more than 20 countries all around the world.


Learn From Professionals

LegendTrick Gym´s instructors are internationally renowned leaders in their field.


LegendTrick Gym is the best training place ever! ❣

Teachers are really nice, nice and professional. Price-quality ratio is extremely good. And the gym also has versatile equipment and good facilities.

It’s nice to be able to visit any class when you want, and you can try other lessons even if you haven’t been there before. (And still get really involved.) And there are many different classes

Definitely the best place where I have been training.😍💖 Fully recommended!! If you are even slightly interested, you should definitely at least try their services!

Siiri Jäkkö


Awesome place and atmosphere, world class equipment and one of the best floors I ever was on, great team, honest, inspiring and hardworking, amazing place to get introduced into different aspects of movement and physical practice, various classes and opportunities for young and adults. definitely recommend a visit. salute to vellu and LegendTrick gym team.

Slobos reality

Professional Stuntman from Cape Town

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