Date of Birth: 26.7.1992
Species: Hand standing, flexibility acrobatics, hoop, aerial acrobatics, fire rotation.

I started my circus activity in 2000 at Sorin Circus in Tampere, at the age of 8.
Now, 20 years later, countless experiences richer, I have appeared at major events, variety theaters and luxury hotels all over the world.
In 2012 I participated in the Talent Finland competition together with my duo partner Pinja Seppälä. We reached the final, and the visibility brought by the program opened the doors to a circus artist’s career.
In 2013 we went to Turkey for a show production for three months to perform.
The circus hobby became a profession.


Over the years, many countries and many stages have been seen.
– Show production at Casino Reno, Nevada
– In Germany, variety show theaters became familiar in many different cities
– Performances at major events around the world; Brazil, India, Egypt, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Poland, week by cruise ship…
– And a certain gigs all over Finland!


In addition to the occurrence of the last few years I have taught handstanding, flexibility acrobatics, the hoop and aerial acrobatics in Finland.
I have found variety in the instructor’s work and new and different joy compared to performing. It’s rewarding to see the joy of learning in other people. As an instructor, I’m very particular about learning the right technique. My attitude at work is supportive and enthusiastic.

My Classes

Fitness & Stretching

Keeping the concerns of movement and muscle elasticity is an essential part of the active trainers as an office worker well-being of the body. Often, however, body care is neglected, causing you to suffer from a variety of pain conditions and an increased risk of injury while exercising.


Improve yourself as a whole

By combining our classes you can break your limits in any sport by increasing your power, speed, flexibility and balance.


15+ Years of Experience

Our internationally rewarded and physically educated instructors have taught in more than 20 countries all around the world.


Learn From Professionals

LegendTrick Gym´s instructors are internationally renowned leaders in their field.


LegendTrick Gym is the best training place ever! ❣

Teachers are really nice, nice and professional. Price-quality ratio is extremely good. And the gym also has versatile equipment and good facilities.

It’s nice to be able to visit any class when you want, and you can try other lessons even if you haven’t been there before. (And still get really involved.) And there are many different classes

Definitely the best place where I have been training.😍💖 Fully recommended!! If you are even slightly interested, you should definitely at least try their services!

Siiri Jäkkö


Awesome place and atmosphere, world class equipment and one of the best floors I ever was on, great team, honest, inspiring and hardworking, amazing place to get introduced into different aspects of movement and physical practice, various classes and opportunities for young and adults. definitely recommend a visit. salute to vellu and LegendTrick gym team.

Slobos reality

Professional Stuntman from Cape Town

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